Is acacia wood good for a cutting board?


Is acacia wood good for a cutting board?

Acacia are known as raintree in Thailand, acacia wood is becoming popular to make kitchenware, tableware and indoor furniture.  Especially for use in cutting boards because acacia wood is beauty and strength and look contrasting patterns. Acacia wood’s great resistance to water makes it the best wood for cutting board. it shows fewer scratch marks as compared to a plastic chop board. You also can use acacia cutting board for cut juicy foods like tomato, lemons, oranges, etc. You may see acacia wood food bowls, serving tray, charger, plate, utensils and other kitchenware and tableware. You can even use the board as a serving tray to serve cheese and meat along with wine.

Acacia wood cutting board is extremely easy to clean. Simply wash it with soapy water and air dry. Doing so will wash off bacteria and smell from the surface. Give some time for oil to dry completely before you take the board for the next use.

PL Wood Factory has made double-sided acacia cutting board, one side perfect for chopping and dicing, the other one is ideal for serving. No matter what purpose you use this cutting board it will give excellent performance. So upgrade your kitchen by buying the best acacia wood cutting board. Acacia wood cutting board looks rich, naturally beautiful, smooth and water-resistant. Plus, they last long and look new for years if maintained properly.

Is acacia wood good for a cutting board? The answer is Yes, acacia wood good for cutting board.

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